Laser-Cut Wood Frame Mirror: Hobby Lobby Dupe

laser cut wood frame mirror hobby lobby dupe

Hello friend! Thanks for following along on our adventures. Typically we share about our latest thrift finds or our projects or processes that we have gotten into recently. This one involves a little bit of both! 

I found this inspiration as I was walking around Hobby Lobby. I love this little mirror with the laser cut wood frame over it. I especially love the texture that the wooden beads give it. I decided that it shouldn't be too hard for me to make one for myself.

Hobby Lobby find

I started with this small round mirror that I found at Goodwill for $1. I laid out the design on our laser software making sure to leave a tolerance for slightly more and slightly less than the diameter of the mirror so that the frame would sit on the mirror perfectly. 

Goodwill find, small round mirror

Here is the design: slightly copied from the Hobby Lobby one but altered to fit a circle. 

Laser cut wood design

laser cut wood on mirror

Now if you lay the frame down onto the mirror, it matches up no matter what because of the tolerance in the size of the frame. 

lining up the laser cut wood with the mirror

Now it's time to add the wooden beads! I found beads that have a diameter slightly less than the width of the outer part of the frame. I strung them with needle and thread until I believed they would fill up the whole outer circle of the frame. 

String wooden beads

I lined them up where I wanted them to be to see if I had enough beads. It's a perfect fit! So then I tied off the string really tight. I don't worry about the strings at this point because I will cut them off later. 

make sure the string of beads fits the laser cut wooden frame

Next, it's time to paint the frame white. I started with a creamier white and decided to add bright white to make more of a contrast since I will be sanding the frame. 

paint the wood white

mirror, string of beads, laser cut wood frame, white paint

mirror, wooden beads, painted laser cut wood frame

Here you can see that the creamy off white is not bright enough, so I add more white. 

sand the painted frame to make it weathered and rustic

Ah, now it's ready to be sanded!

rustic white laser cut wood frame

This is what I was hoping for! Bright white frame with rustic sanded edges.

glue the wooden beads to the laser cut wood frame

Next, I glue the circle of wooden beads onto the front of the frame. 

paint the wooden beads white

Now it's time to make all the beads white.

white rustic laser cut wood frame with white wooden beads

So pretty, like little pearls. But we're still going to sand them too, to get the more rustic style that we're going for. 

lightly sand the top of the beads so they match the rustic look of the frame

Just barely sand the tops of the beads. You don't want to take off too much paint!

line up the laser cut frame with the mirror

Now we're ready to line up the frame with the mirror and get ready to hot glue!

finished product, hobby lobby dupe of a laser cut wood frame with wooden beads over a mirror

Ta da! My precious little beaded laser cut wooden frame! I think it is a precious copy of a very cool little mirror that I found at Hobby Lobby for much less money and much more fun!

I am looking forward to doing more DIY home decor. Follow along if you enjoyed this one. :)