A Painted Porch Wedding

A Painted Porch Wedding Boho Farmhouse Wedding Décor blog post
A Painted Porch Wedding! This was our first wedding that we designed and it was very special because Sherri, our founder, is the mother of the groom. 
The couple had an intimate wedding on the island of St. Thomas with family members. They hosted this party when they came back home to Fairmont, WV. 
Gorgeous antiqued aqua mantel with a full greenery garland across the top and photographs all along the front. A large beautiful macramé the width of the mantel hanging below. Surrounded by ferns.
The venue is the bride's family farm. The barn is a very large structure with all amenities inside including a beautiful kitchen.  In the yard there are large tents covering the guest table area. The aesthetic of this wedding party is minimalist and bohemian with farmhouse elements. It was so much fun creating these beautiful pieces that will be a part of their special day forever. Enjoy these images of their lovely bohemian farmhouse wedding party!

Jack Daniels whiskey barrel with framed sign "Please Sign our Guest Book." Flower arrangement in blue Ball mason jars.

In the welcome area on the porch of the barn stands the Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel. On top of the whiskey barrel is the guest book display. We designed the framed sign that invites guest to leave a message in the guest book. We also created the guest book by laser cutting two pieces of wood for the covers and using small hole punched journal paper with binder rings to hold it all together. There are also some of our flower arrangements using simple greenery and blue Ball mason jars. 

A freestanding pallet wood gallery wall. Laser engraved barn wood, "love you," rose grapevine wreath, macramé wall hangings, "here comes the sun," photographs.

The pallet wood wall was one of our featured pieces! It is a freestanding structure - you can see the feet that hold up the wall in the bottom of the image. The gallery wall includes: laser cut "Nick & Mattie" pallet wood sign, "Here comes the Sun" aqua pallet wood sign with binder clip holding a wedding photo, a pink wild rose grapevine wreath, the three tiny signs surrounding the wreath are laser engraved with phrases, "you & me," "June 20, 2021," and "St. Thomas VI;" a piece of barn wood with laser cut "Love," two framed photographs of the bride and groom right after they said their vows, two macramé wall hangers, laser cut sign "love you," laser cut sign "the Trefz family" with floral wreath, painted piece of barn wood "just love," and a multicolored sign that is built out of thin pieces of barn wood that are individually engraved and painted "love is patient, love is kind, love bears all things, it is not arrogant or rude, love does not envy or boast, love never ends, June 20, 2021, Nick & Mattie." 

Handwritten chalk board sandwich board sign. "Welcome to our happily ever after party."

The welcome sandwich board! "Welcome to Our Happily Ever After Party."

Handwritten chalk board sandwich board sign. "I Do BBQ Menu."

The "I Do BBQ Menu" all drawn by hand with chalk.

Drink station: galvanized tub full of ice and beverages, a crate holding photographs, flower arrangements in blue Ball mason jars, a galvanized tub holding plastic cups.

The drink station! Wood held up by bales of hay. The galvanized tubs hold ice and cups. The small crate holds photographs from the wedding. 

Guest table centerpieces: kraft paper packets of wildflower seeds, blue Ball mason jars with green and white flowers, burlap runner over white tablecloth.Guest table centerpieces: kraft paper packets of wildflower seeds, blue Ball mason jars with green and white flowers, burlap runner over white tablecloth.

The guest tables are all adorned with white table cloths and burlap runners. They all have blue Ball mason jar centerpieces with "let love grow" packets of wildflower seeds. 

 Assorted jars at a welcome table with hydrangeas and eucalyptus.Handmade crate with Farmhouse stenciled on the front. Hydrangeas and eucalyptus in jars on a table.

The featured flower arrangements include dried hydrangeas and eucalyptus. There is also a crate built from scrap wood with "Farmhouse" stenciled on the front. 

Old Chevrolet farm truck by the barn.

The old Chevy farm truck came with the farm and it really added to the farmhouse aesthetic!

 I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of our beautiful bohemian farmhouse wedding designs! You never know what project we'll be doing next so follow along for more fun.